Ketty Contreras


Meet Ketty Contreras, our lead Designer & Planner, Ketty Contreras.  Also, CEO and founder of KETTY DELIGHTS LLC. Ketty has been Planning, Designing and Producing events since 2009.

Although Ketty graduated from management and hospitality/Culinary Arts, she made a decision to explore her creative side and expand her passion as a wedding designer.


She is constantly evolving and striving to create unforgettable experiences no matter the occasion.

Ketty Delights is a wedding and event planner and designer company that specializes in logistical challenges and perfectly curated details, ensuring that each client is truly able to enjoy not just their event day, but the entire event process. 

Eleonora Carrasco


Eleonora Carrasco was born on April 29th. Eleonora makes sure all of your inquiries are responded on time and She is also the face behind the scheduling system, phone conferences, website, publications, shop orders, and full management of social media contents.


Although Eleonora is been working with Ketty Delights for only a few months, she looks forward to being part of the team for a long time.

Sammy Reyes


Chef Sammy is a travel documentarian who starred focusing on the exploration of international culture, cuisine, and the human condition in the early 90’. Sammy A Reyes culinary Arts passion began in Italy (1992) at Education Scuola Alberghiera San Benedetto del Tronto, followed by The (NYRS) New York Restaurant School, where he specialized in international cuisine.

After graduating from Culinary Arts in 1998 he proceeded to work at the Hôtel Plaza athèené,
The surf club, Mercer kitchen, Hotel Europa (Italy), Tony lips restaurant, Patricias Restaurants.

He’s expertise in gourmet dishes, have also allowed him to work for several celebrities private events
He's also worked at The mark Hôtel, Cascina Italian Restaurant, La Locanda Italian Restaurant, and Currently, Executive chef Patricias of Massapequa

Alex Toribio


Chef Alex Toribio was born in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. With a family base of hard work and overcoming, I emigrated to New York City in 2009, with nothing but his dreams.

In 2009 he began working at Restaurant Associates as a runner, this opens the door for him to explore new horizons, reaching each position within the kitchen until he became the first cook and that's when he started his career to the top. Over a four-year period, he positioned himself as Sous Chef in one of the restaurants of the Restaurant Associates, this being the first step to the top..
In 2016, together with Chef Ketty, they began to innovate a new concept for private events in the tri-state area, as a result, an extraordinary culinary experience to their customers, with their culinary experiences.    

In 2018 he started as Executive Chef the Federal Bank of New York up today.     


In 2019 we saw the need to expand our horizons in providing the best quality service for our clients. As our business demanded additional assistance for our client’s events, we decided to incorporate professional staffing services. We offer a great variety of services - Full Staffing, Captains, Waiters, Bartenders, Coat Check Assistant, Bussing.

Our mission is to create an unforgettable and relaxed experience. We will alleviate the stress and hustle that comes with catering. Our professional Chefs will ensure that every meal is phenomenally presented. Our captains,  bartenders and waitstaff will accommodate your family and guests so you can focus on what's important, enjoying your big day.