Adventurous Ketty: ITALY

Back in 2019, I was able to go back to the Country that was once my Hometown, Italy.

ITALY holds a very special place in my heart since I studied and also lived in Montorio al Vomano Te Abbruzzo as a child. So, going back after so many years was truly amazing. As a child I had the wonderful blessing to experience that beautiful culture full of loving people, delicious foods and unique architectures.

During my early school years I had the opportunity to visit many large cities and famous churches, but as an adult I never had the chance to enjoy Italy the way I did.

So, visiting those cities again was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my whole life. Italy is also a great source of inspiration for me. The architecture inspires to pay attention to all the small detail in every event I make.

I must admit that the country and culture has changed drastically but the beautiful architectures, gelato and food has remained untouched. I absolutely treasure and miss those warm hugs and special moments from my friends and family, so every opportunity I get to go back I don't even hesitate.

I landed in Rome Fiumicino were my fun began as I headed to the center of Rome to enjoy gorgeous monuments and fountains. The following day we headed to Capri - Naples to enjoy boat rides, wonderful music, cold beers and yummy food as we continued throughout the rest of the cities "It was truly magical".

I wish that people can travel to Italy and experience what I’ve been experiencing all my life, it’s truly remarkable.

And, wow... I can´t wait to go back.

Everyone, stay safe and look forward to amazing things in the future. I know right now everything may seem hopeless but trust me when I say, no storm can last forever.