Gift Wrapping Ideas - Get Festive with Ketty Delights

It's already that time of the year, although this year we might celebrate a little differently, We should add extra details to our Gifts, you know, to spice it up, and to lift our spirits and the spirits of others as well.

It's time for a change and instead of wrapping our gifts with extravagant gift wrapping patterns this year let's go for something more minimal. Still, it will look like you put effort into them and also, will look super cute under your Christmas tree.

So here are 3 simple tips to make your gifts look as if you put an effort into them.

1. It's time for a change and instead of wrapping our gifts with an extravagant gift wrapping pattern, this time we're gonna choose plain paper or something simple with stripes or circles as you can see in the photos above, nothing too crowded.

2. So, since we have wrapped our gifts with plain paper not it's time to get creative. You can add ribbons, greenery, small bells, pinecones.

3.As I mentioned before this is all about getting crafty, you can use the ribbons to put together the greenery along with candy canes like in the above photo, and ta-da! There you have it a beautiful arrangement.

A perfect gift to others and perfect to decorate your home as well.

I hope this is helpful to you!

Happy Holidays Everyone, and enjoy safely!