Solving from the afterlife - The Event Planner Chronicles

Everything starts on the day of the event. This client and Johanny have been working on her client's kids party for a while. The client was pretty much aware of how everything was gonna look, this client specifically has been involved in the design as she is very detailed-oriented.

"On the day of the event, I noticed one of the vendors I normally work with and always is early hadn’t arrived at the house where the party was gonna take place. So, I called her.

She picks up ‘Hello?’ It sounded like she was caught off guard.

‘Are you arriving soon?’ I asked. And this is where things got, scary. ‘I do not have you scheduled for today.’ She said. At that moment I swear I crossed the line to the afterlife." Johanny relates.

"So I told her that the event was taking place on that day and she immediately tried to figure things out for me, but unfortunately, there was no way out of this situation as she was way too far from the place my event was taking place. As I was talking to her I felt how my body was not in the earth anymore, we were running out of time and I needed to figure this out"

"The thing about this whole situation was that this was a kids' party and I had no chairs and tables, I was missing chairs for 16 kids. What am I gonna do now? I said. While I was trying not to die from a heart attack, It came to my mind to call one of my closest friends in the industry. I explained everything I could tell from her reaction she almost passed out as well. However, she immediately started coming up with ideas, thank god, she has two tables at home for a kids setup, she found someone and had them delivered."

"As per the chairs, do not even ask me. I sent one of my team members to get chairs from Target or some of those stores, the chairs were pink, and this was a boy's party. We wrapped them with white wrapping paper and another one of my team members was able to find cushions for them. At the end of the day, the whole setup turned out very pretty and my biggest fear about it was the client-finding out about the discrepancy that was between me and the other vendors. But we were able to solve it and the client loved it which is what we always look forward to." Johanny relates.

This sounds like one of those moments where your spirit comes out of your body. But It is true when they say ’Teamwork makes the dream work’. We cannot imagine how horrifying this experience was, but things like this can happen. That’s why it is important to always help one another.

Story by Creative Touch by Johanny