Summoning a new cake - The Event Planner Chronicles

It was 4 years ago that Ketty started making events for kids. Like any other beginner, Ketty had one of her biggest scares when she designed the event for a client at Yonkers. On the same day, Ketty also had a catering job in Queens. Ketty tells us:

"I was planning this event with the clients for her kid's first birthday. From the beginning, I knew that this was an outdoor event so throughout the planning process I insisted on having a tent. Because of multiple reasons, the weather, the decor. Everything can go wrong. The client said to me that she checked the weather and it was going to be a marvelous day. Even though I continued insisting cause although I was inexperienced at the time, I knew that having a tent was crucial for an outdoor event but nevertheless the client gave me an absolute no, she truly disliked the idea of having a tent."

On the day of the event, Ketty arrived at the location to set everything up. Once the whole decor was set in place, she put the cake outside along with the decor so that when the photographer arrived everything will be in place for the photos.

"I gave instructions to the client that once the photos were taken I was gonna put the cake back inside for a few minutes before the guests arrived just to keep it fresh. So, once the photographer took the photos of the whole setup I took the cake and placed it in the fridge." Ketty relates.

Ketty mentioned she had to go really quick to the other event she had in Queens so she left once everything was in place, she was going to come back once the event was over to pick everything up as agreed with the client. However, she didn't imagine what would happen next.

"Turns out that I hadn't even crossed the bridge when I received a call from the client screaming and frighten.

'Ketty the cake crumbled, it is completely destroyed' The client said.

'What happened?' I asked.

Turns out the client put it outside under the brightest sun in the month of august just because she didn't agree on removing the cake from the whole setup. When she said that, I felt like I was buried, unable to breathe, almost crossing to the afterlife."

Ketty tells us that at that point the client's kid hadn't taken photos with the cake cause he was taking a nap since he's so young.

"Because of my connections I was able to get another cake for the client, It wasn't the same one, not the same design or anything but It was good. And we were able to resolve which was the best part. At the end of the because of everyone that helped us, the client felt very grateful and happy."


Z the florist also shared with us one of her biggest scares

"In my mind was the time that there was a shortage of flowers, especially white flowers. We had booked a white wedding and we needed about 4000 plus white hydrangeas and white roses. I contacted my vendor and they were not able to put them all together. I had to call two other vendors that I don’t usually order from and nothing was confirmed until the week of. Those were the most stressful and scary days in my life, but in the end, all vendors were able to supply the order and my clients were so happy with the results." Z relates.

Whew... what could be worst than a shortage of flowers for a florist right? We're happy Z was able to get the flowers and satisfy her client.

As you could read in this series, being an event planner takes a lot to bring your dream event or wedding to reality, they move earth and oceans to get exactly what you want and simply make your dreams come true.

We truly hope you enjoyed this series, Have fun trick or treating this Sunday and we hope to talk to you soon.

Stay Safe,

The KD Team