The iffy limo - The Event Planner Chronicles

Being an Event Planner can be bleary but, Oh... how wonderful the results are. People get to see the beautiful aftermath on every photo we post. However, in order for us to achieve those results it takes us, a ton of coordination, sleepless nights, and communication. If there is no communication, things can get a bit tricky. But as Event Planners, we find ways.

For Josie and Michelle from Josie Michelle Events things got a bit spooky after working on planning this client's dream wedding for over a year. They say:

"Throughout the planning process we repeatedly encouraged her to reserve a limo to ensure that her large bridal party and family would arrive on time and have a smooth wedding day. Each time we brought it up, she strongly refused and said it was not necessary because everyone would be near the venue and wanted to drive."

Eventually, they stopped asking because of course, they wanted to respect the client's wishes. Fast forward to the wedding day, everything was going smooth, until, things started to get a bit... Well, eerie. As they noticed their clients kept looking out the window, expecting to find the limo at some point. The bride asked them to check on the driver and assumed she made plans without telling them. After a brief moment of agitation, Josie and Michelle decided to call on of the client's family members just to ensure that the limo had been reserved.

"We obtained contact information and informed the driver of the correct timing and location. It was a relief to call the bride and let her know he was on the way, but what a scare!"

It feels like they casted a spell but no, It was just two event planners doing what they do best, find solutions.

Story by Josie Michelle Events